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Easy GIF Animator can help you create simple animations
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Easy GIF Animator can help you create simple animations, mainly intended for websites. This application has a straightforward interface that uses tabs and ribbons to optimize the available space. Although you can start designing an animation from scratch, it is advisable to use the wizard, which lets you work in three different types of basic projects: general animations, banners and animated buttons. Besides, it lets you import an existing animation or a video in any of various popular formats.

Most of the animation process is done by dividing the clip into frames that you can edit separately. You can add different objects to a frame, such as text and images. For this purpose, the application comes with a nice clipart library and, if you need more pictures, it lets you download others from an online collection. Unluckily, the tool does not support working with layers and objects, which hinders editing. Instead, you will need an external editor to make any modifications. Fortunately, the program has some built-in transition and animation effects to save you a lot of time and effort. Once your work is done, you can either save it in the GIF format, or export it as Flash, separate frames or an AVI video. Moreover, it lets you send it by email.

As a whole, I believe Easy GIF Animator is an excellent application. I used it to create some banners and buttons and it worked perfectly. More than all that already mentioned, it spares you the trouble of creating an HTML code to insert the resulting animation into a webpage.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It has a very nice interface
  • It comes with a nice clipart library
  • It has built-in animation effects


  • To edit a frame, you need an external editor
  • It does not support working with layers and objects
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